2017 Veterans Parade Map

2017 San Diego Veterans Day Parade Route

   Viewing Areas.  Travel to the Parade.  Grand Stands.  Parking.

The 2017 Parade starts at 11:00 am November 11 on N Harbor Drive with a one mile route as shown on the 2017 Veterans Parade Map that is viewable with the link at the top of this page.

The Start Line is in the vicinity of the Fountain Plaza at the Waterfront Park of the County Administration Building.  There is no Parade Viewing Area in the Waterfront Park where the sidewalks and lawns are used by Parade Marshaling activity and sight is blocked by the Grandstands along Harbor Drive in front of Waterfront Park.

The Parade Route proceeds south on N Harbor Drive past a long row of grand stands, and past the Wyndham Bayside Hotel, and past the B Street Pier, and crosses Broadway, and continues past the USS Midway to Pacific Hiway, and turns left to the Dismissal Area on Pacific Hiway.  

 Parade Viewing Areas offer great viewing along the entire Route from the Start Line south.

No Viewing Areas or spectator access are available behind (north of) the Start Line, including the sidewalks behind the Start Line, which are within the Marshaling Area and is closed to all persons except Parade Staff and parading entrants who are Marshaled prior to their Starting orders.  

Excellent viewing along N Harbor Drive and on both sides of Broadway between N Harbor Drive and Pacific Hiway, and on both sides of Pacific Hiway between Broadway and G Street.

Travel to the Parade is best by Trolley, from any Green, Orange or Blue Line Trolley Station with parking for autos and trucks.  Arrival at the Santa Fe Depot station downtown, or at any prior stop on any of the three lines, will place Parade Viewers within one or two block walks to prime viewing areas.  

Grand Stands on the East side of N Harbor Drive between the Start Line and Ash Street will have Reserved Sections with  “Honor Seating” Section reserved for Veterans and their families, and several open sections with seats available for first-come first-served.  

 Parking is extremely limited in the Parade area, and one-half hour walking time should be allowed to reach a viewing area after parking on streets downtown or in Little Italy or on W Harbor Drive parking locations in vicinity of the Convention Center.